In the years from 1879 to 1913, a prestigious national agricultural event known as the "Dominion Exhibition" was held annually across Canada. Each year the federal government awarded the honour of hosting one of the country's larger fairs.

In 1912, against fierce competition, Brandon was awarded the right to host the 1913 Dominion Exhibition, based on the progre ssive attitude of the community and the agricultural excellence of this region!

A variety of enhancements were constructed over the next few years at the Exhibition Grounds in preparation for the Fair, including a 5,000 seat grandstand, a race track, and a new Display Building. It was reported that more than 200,000 people bought tickets during the ten day event, which opened on July 13th, 1913. The Fair was a spectacular success and deemed "the best ever". Due to the outbreak of World War I, the 1913 Dominion Exhibition was the last one ever held.

In the years since the Dominion Fair, Dominion Exhibition Display Building No. II has seen many uses, from swine displays to hockey games and petting zoos, and more recently as a cold storage space, the building has been in continual use for nearly a century.

Because of its historical significance, Display Building No. II has both Provincial and National heritage designation. Today it is the only surviving building in all of Canada constructed for the Dominion Fairs. Although it is in need of repair, it continues to stand as a proud symbol of our region's agricultural heritage.

  • The completed 12,000 square foot building will complement the agricultural activities taking place at the Keystone Centre.
  • Construction began in earnest in the fall of 2010 and will be complete in 2013, one hundred years after it originally opened fo the 1913 Dominion Fair.
  • This National Treasure will host school tours, day camps, meetings, bus tours, agricultural workshops, performances and much more.
  • The building will have environmentally friendly geothermal heat, providing cost savings in operations.
  • Display Building No. II was originally owned by the rovincial Exhibition and was turned over to the Keystone Centre along with the rest of the land and buildings in 1971. The Exhibition will now lease it back for the long term for a nominal fee.