Entertainment & Attractions

There are many exciting attractions and entertainers coming to the 2012 Manitoba Summer Fair!!

Check them out below and stay tuned for scheduling updates.

  Elastic Gymnastics

Elastic Gymnasticsis a spectacular aerial performance that utilizes a special type of bungee cord specially made for this show. The acrobats put on a harness that is attached to the bungee cords. They are then suspended from a 12 meter high structure. This allows them to execute a multitude of spectacular and graceful movements.

This is a truly entertaining show that can be combined with other numbers such as trampoline, juggling, high fall, hand balancing, etc… 



Terry Stokes - Hypnotist

One of North America's premier hypnotists, Terry has been the star of The Calgary Stampede for over fifteen years and a regular at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

Terry Stokes as a performer, carries on the tradition of being the best using hypnotism for entertainment for over 30 years.

Catch his show right here in Brandon at the Manitoba Summer Fair!



Daniel Steep's Agri-Magic Show

Daniel Steep's Agri-Magic Show is an educational, high energy, and interactive magic show dedicated to greating a positive image of the Canadian Farmer. Through audience participation, comedy, and magic, Daniel shows kids the importance of agriculture in our communities and how they are affected by it.


Robin Chestnut
Two time Canadian Juggling Champion Robin Chestnut has been wowing audiences, and making them laugh for more than 20 years. Robin’s skills and sense of humour have taken him from cruise ships in the Bahamas to capital of Saudi Arabia, to Shanghai, China, and all over Canada. Whether he’s juggling or on his 6 foot unicycle…the whole family will be entertained!



 Doodles the Clown
Doodles the Clown can always be counted on to entertain the children at the Manitoba Summer Fair with his 'unbelievable' antics! Doodles has thrilled and amazed millions of children and adults so don't miss his magic acts or balloon animals!