6 Days in Denim

Be a part of the Fair!

6 Days in Denim is a fast growing tradition for many Westman businesses when it comes time to celebrate the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. A little bit of a contest and a whole lot of community spirit make up the 6 Days in Denim. Decorate your office window, entrance or even the whole office in the spirit of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, and of course don't forget to wear your denim for the 6 days of the Fair.

When businesses participate in 6 Days in Denim they can compete for a great RMWF VIP prize package!


Winners Receive:

 • 4 Admission Tickets to the Fair

 • VIP Tour of the Fair

 • VIP Cocktail Reception for 4

 • VIP Banquet for 4

 • VIP Seating in the Main Arena