Heavy Horses

The Draft Horses or "Heavy Horses" as they are often called, are definitely a crowd pleaser! Originally "working horses", these gentle giants remain as our connection with the past, and continue to amaze crowds with their intelligence, power and agility. Visitors will see the draft horses in a variety of classes including in teams, cart classes, unicorn, four, six and eight horse hitches. The glitter and jingle of their harness and thundering hooves as they enter the arena is magical.

Our visitors are particularly amazed by the "Obstacle Course". You will be awed by the precision driving skills which allow these teams to maneuver these gentle giants around the course. Don't miss them!!

The Heavy Horse Show will be judged by Gary Miller from Akron, IN.

Heavy Horse Prize Book & Forms:

Heavy Horse - Entry Form

Heavy Horse - Prize Book

Heavy Horse - Waiver Form