Trade Show Exhibitors Info

Why do I want to be a Tradeshow or Concessionaire Exhibitor?

With over 300 tradeshow and concessionaire booths available, the 2013 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair is a great event to promote and sell your business, information and products. The RMWF average approximately 116,800 guests at the Royal over the six days over the past five years.

Here are a few stats (from the 2010 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Economic Impact Study):

Guests of the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair spent $1,525,000 on merchandise purchased on-site and $865,000 at the various concessions.

35% of guests of the Fair came to the Fair on multiple days.

39% of visitors are between the ages of 30 and 60.

43% of guests have children.

52% have an annual household income (before taxes) of $25,000 to $79,999, while 32% have an income of $80,000 to $199,999.

 So, now what do I do?

You decided you would like to participate in the 2013 RMWF Tradeshow and have a few more questions! What do I need to do now and what happens after I apply?

The first thing would be to review the Exhibitor’s or the Concessionaire’s Manuals. There are a few revisions from last year, so even you have exhibited with in the past (THANK YOU and WELCOME BACK) please take a moment to download the manual and review it. If you are a brand new exhibitor, WELCOME and by reviewing the manual you will find a lot of valuable information in it!

After submitting your application form, with payment options indicated, you should receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

Insurance certificates, with $1,000,000 liability should be submitted to the Tradeshow Coordinator by February 15, 2013 and may be faxed to (204) 725-0202.

 Application Forms and the Revised Manuals are NOW available.

The application forms can be filled out online and then printed off to be faxed (204-725-0202) or emailed ( or mailed in.

Forms no longer available for 2013.

2013 RMWF – Exhibitor’s Manual

2013 RMWF – Exhibitor’s Application Form

2013 RMWF – Concessionaires Manual

2013 RMWF – Concessionaires Application Form

Tradeshow Booth Sizes & Layouts

The layout of the various rooms is a “work-in-progress” and while every effort is made to accommodate your choice location, it is not always a possibility. Please note that if you are a returning exhibitor and apply and pay for your booth by DECEMBER 15th, 2012, you will have first option on your location from the 2012 RMWF tradeshow. For the new exhibitors, please note that location assignment will not occur until the beginning of February at the earliest.

The RMWF Executive Committee is looking into the option of having an “Entertainer”, if the right fit can be found, located in the Manitoba Room. As information on this becomes available, it will be posted on our website. Please be aware that if the right fit for an “Entertainer” is found, the layout of the Manitoba Room may be impacted. The purpose of bringing this into the Manitoba Room is to draw additional people through the tradeshow, which is why the “right fit” has to be found.

Tradeshow booths are a minimum of either 10’x10’ or 10’x8’, however we will work with you if you require a larger booth space.

The following links are 2013 Tradeshow Layout Maps (all maps are subject to change). These maps will be updated on a regular basis indicating what has been sold and what is still available.

RMWF 2013 – Tradeshow Map, Arena Concourse

RMWF 2013 – Tradeshow Map, Blue Hallway

RMWF 2013 – Tradeshow Map, Main Concourse

RMWF 2013 – Tradeshow Map, Main Street Hallway

RMWF 2013 – Tradeshow Map, Manitoba Room

RMWF 2013 – Tradeshow Map, UCT Pavilion

Contracts will be mailed out to exhibitors at the end of February. You will receive 2 copies of the contract and will be asked to fax, email or mail 1 signed copy of the contract back to the Tradeshow Coordinator at your earliest convenience.

As the show approaches, you will receive emails from the Tradeshow Coordinator with reminders and additional information regarding the Fairs.

Previous Vendors

For a listing of exhibitors from 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair’s, please click on the year below.

RMWF 2012 – List of Vendors & Concessionaires

RMWF 2011 – List of Vendors & Concessionaires

RMWF 2010 – List of Vendors & Concessionaires

RMWF 2009 – List of Exhibitors


What if I want additional exposure?

If you would like additional exposure for your booth, you can purchase a Tradeshow Arena Gold sponsorship for $500. This sponsorship includes recognition from the Arena Announcers during the shows of your booth and its location. For additional information on "Tradeshow Arena Gold" sponsorship, please contact the Tradeshow Coordinator at (204) 726-3590 ext. 1003 or by email at


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Tradeshow Coordinator by phone at (204) 726-3590 ext. 1003 or by email at