7 Gifts So Good, We Want Them for Ourselves

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7 Gifts So Good, We Want Them for Ourselves

Sometimes doing it right means doing it yourself. Applying mascara, organizing your home screen,
curating a social media feed—sure, you can delegate, but they all turn out better when you DIY. When it comes to
gifting, the theory holds: While our favorites will always be the incredibly thoughtful, totally unexpected
surprises from friends and loved ones, gifting ourselves something special comes a close second. We asked
seven staffers to share their ultimate objects of desire.

  1. 1


    Fashion director

    “This year calls for a major mood-lifter, something to wear that’s sentimental and feels really special. I
    love these timeless, understated white-gold earrings, and nothing brings joy like putting on amazing
    jewelry—especially when it’s this dreamy.”

    Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole Earrings

    Van Cleef & Arpels
    Frivole Earrings
    Van Cleef & Arpels, $16,700


    In partnership with our friends at Van Cleef & Arpels

  2. 2


    SVP of communications and brand marketing

    “Our annual winter trip is canceled this year, so I’ve been trying to create festive moments at home to
    bring more celebration into our holiday season. These gorgeous plates and placemats are the perfect
    distraction from the fact that it’ll be a while until we can get on a plane. Since I’m a proud graduate of
    more-is-more school when it comes to tabletop, I’d complete my whimsical blue spread with this navy
    Alain Saint-Joanis lattice flatware. No one would know we were still in Los Angeles—well, at least for a

  3. 3


    Associate editor

    “We’re doing some home renovations in 2021, and I swear I’d give up boozy martinis forever for a lifetime
    of soaking in this Martini in this marble bathtub—even if it means blowing the budget before we’ve gotten
    past the bathroom.”

    goop Beauty “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak

    goop Beauty
    “The Martini” Emotional
    Detox Bath Soak

    goop, $35


    Pibamarmi Marble Bathtub

    Marble Bathtub
    1st Dibs, $13,950


  4. 4


    Creative director

    “Quarantine has given me an opportunity to step up my mixology game. I recently perfected the
    old-fashioned, and since I’m convinced the classics taste better in hand-cut crystal tumblers, I’ve been
    eyeing this stunning five-piece set from Richard Brendon.”

    Richard Brendon The Diamond Collection

    Richard Brendon
    The Diamond Collection
    goop, $840


  5. 5


    Wellness director

    “It’s been about nine months since I had a good sweat—like a lying-on-the-mat-at-the-end-of-hot-yoga sweat.
    And even longer since I’ve seen the inside of a sauna. I really want to be drenched at home. I’m picturing
    myself wrapped up in this sauna blanket and cranking it to a level ten. Okay, maybe an eight. The blanket
    uses infrared, which heats up your body from the inside, but it also gets hot to the touch—a plus in my
    book. And I like that you can preheat the blanket to your preferred level and then play with the temperature
    once you’re in it. To continue my vision, I’d put on an audiobook for the next thirty minutes—Party of Two
    is in my queue. A potential downside, though, would be fighting over the sauna blanket when my husband tries
    to commandeer it, too.”

  6. 6


    Senior creative copywriter

    “Do I need a lipstick-red bag that reminds me of swirling around a glass of burgundy at Bar Hemingway in
    Paris? Not exactly. Is it festive and gorgeous and completely over-the-top illogical? Let a girl dreammm. As
    I keep telling (trying to convince?) my more rational half: It’s the only bag that appreciates over time!”

    What Goes Around Comes Around Chanel Burgundy Suede 2.55 10

    What Goes Around Comes Around
    Chanel Burgundy Suede 2.55 10″
    goop, $4,850


  7. 7


    Senior director, communications

    “To me, there is nothing more special than the gift of art. I’ve been following Alexandra Grant’s grantLOVE
    project for some time and feel a connection with her Love print series with Oscar de la Renta. Plus, 100
    percent of the profits go to charitable beneficiaries.”

    grantLOVE grantLOVE for Oscar de la Renta prints

    grantLOVE for Oscar de la Renta prints
    grantLOVE, $1,360



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