How To Practice Self-Care After a Car Accident

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A car accident can be absolutely terrifying. It can happen in an instant and leave you and others involved in a state of shock. Even hours, days, and weeks after the wreck, you still may not feel like yourself.

Car accidents aren’t just a physically scarring event; they almost certainly have a tremendous impact on you mentally. That’s why it’s important after a car or motorcycle crash to take some me time, as self-care could truly be just what the doctor ordered. Here are some great ways to take care of yourself after the event.

Medical Care on Site


Almost anything can cause a collision on the road. Whether it’s brought on by alcohol use, an illegal maneuver, or just a freak occurrence, there are multiple factors in motorcycle fatalities that riders and drivers need to be wary of. While behavior on the road is certainly a matter for an accident report or insurance claim, the safety of all involved in that car accident is paramount.

It’s recommended that anyone involved in an accident allow themselves to be evaluated on the scene by responding EMTs. This evaluation can determine any physical injuries, as well as the potential for any head injury, such as a concussion. An ambulance can also transport a victim to the nearest emergency room for severe injuries and further evaluation.

Medical Care After


If you don’t want to head to the hospital immediately after a car accident, you should consider medical intervention as soon as possible. Whether you go to your primary care physician or an urgent care clinic, it’s important to get yourself evaluated. If you’re experiencing back pain or any other discomfort, be sure to get yourself evaluated, so it doesn’t diminish your quality of life.

Physical therapy may be necessary to recover from injuries suffered in car and motorcycle crashes, whether it’s broken bones, tender tissue, or chronic conditions that may have been exacerbated by the accident. You can explore some minimally invasive pain management education that will make you aware of non-surgical options to alleviate the symptoms of things like chronic back pain and neck pain. This can avoid invasive spine surgery in the long run.

Mental Health


The trauma of a car accident or motorcycle accident can linger well after the impact. It’s important to consider your mental health following a crash, as the overwhelming feelings may still linger in your everyday life. If you find yourself having a general uneasiness or getting a bit more anxious when inside a car, it may be time to reach out to a counselor.

Beyond seeking help from a registered psychiatrist or therapist, you can always reach out to family and friends to address what is putting you in a stressful place mentally. This should be considered, not just a treatment option, but a step towards proper self-care. Post-traumatic stress following an accident is real. Good mental wellbeing puts you in a better place beyond having less pain physically from a car or motorcycle crash.

Staying Active


Sometimes, the best way to combat any form of stress is to get yourself moving. Beyond your usual routine of work and home, exercise can help keep your mind at ease, while doing your body some good. A regular exercise regimen that doesn’t exacerbate any neck pain, back pain, or other physical injuries suffered in that accident can help you relieve anxiety and keep focused on a task.

You don’t have to sign up with a personal trainer or become a gym rat, but you can consult your doctor for exercises that won’t slow your recovery. You can even consult a physical therapist for the latest advances in exercise. Going for a walk is not only good for the joints but for a length of time, you can take your mind off everything. Experts recommend around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week, and that can start for you with just one step.

Treating Yourself


Self-care can come in a variety of forms, from a cleansing breath to a good workout, and just about everything in between. Don’t be afraid to follow the instructions of Tom and Donna on “Parks and Rec,” and treat yourself.

A massage can ease up the tension and nerves brought on by the stress of the accident, and it even helps any tissue-related injuries suffered in the crash. A manicure or pedicure at the salon can get you feeling good about your new look, or you can opt for custom gel nails designed to avoid the use of glue that damages your nail beds.

If you’re feeling like getting away, consider a weekend getaway with a good friend, or even just a night out to create some good memories. The options are limitless, and it’s all done in the name of the most important thing: yourself. Remember, it’s okay to be selfish when it comes to self-care.

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