Meet the High-Tech Answer to a Hands-Free Picnic

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Meet the High-Tech Answer to a Hands-Free Picnic

In partnership with our friends at gita

During goop gift guide research season, our VP of content, Kate Wolfson, never really knows what will show up at her door for a test-drive. This year, one of the most intriguing contenders was a following robot with a name (gita), an impressive résumé (takes direction, can carry up to forty pounds, dresses professionally), and some serious follow-the-leader skills.

Ever the fact-checker, Wolfson put it to the test on a family picnic. With gita hauling the toys, hand sanitizer, blanket, and even one of food director Caitlin O’Malley’s famous mezze spreads, the family of four walked to the park snapping pics and holding hands—instead of dropping phones and hauling bags. To understand gita’s signature tilt-and-glide swagger, you have to see it in action.


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