My WFH Routine: How Miranda Kerr Balances Business, Breastfeeding, and a Little Gua Sha

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Miranda Kerr

My WFH Routine

How Miranda Kerr Balances Business, Breastfeeding, and a Little Gua Sha

Miranda Kerr |

founder and CEO of KORA Organics

Miranda Kerr’s been working mostly from home since she had her now-two-year-old son, Hart, so she’s better than most of us with boundaries, breaks, and getting it all done. The founder and CEO of KORA Organics navigates her jam-packed days with a detailed schedule, the flexibility to veer off-plan when necessary, and an arsenal of glow-boosting, skin-soothing essentials accompanied by stealth relaxation rituals (like sneaking in face massage during a call). She gave us her take on 9 to 5.

I love working from home because I can bounce back and forth between work and kids. Of course, it can be distracting when I need to focus or record a video and my kids are making noise in the background. I stay motivated and get it all done by scheduling everything in my calendar, which is color-coded for work, personal, family, etc. I’m flexible and know not everything will happen according to plan, but having it in there helps me visualize my goals and manage my time.

I dry brush religiously every morning before showering, starting at my feet and working my way up toward the heart. It sloughs off dead skin cells and wakes up my entire body.

A few times a week, I wash my hair with the hydrating shampoo and conditioner from Rahua. Or I do the goop scalp scrub, which I love. It gives my scalp an incredible exfoliation to clear away product buildup—especially good after a day on set or if I’ve applied more products than usual.

After my shower, I do a little skin routine. I’d say I have normal, sometimes dry skin. My biggest issue is pigmentation. I developed some dark spots during all three of my pregnancies, and it’s something I’m constantly working on. I always do serum and moisturizer, and then I apply our Noni Glow Face Oil. I squeeze a few drops into my hand, rub both hands together to warm it all up, and press the oil into my skin. I use our face balm on any areas that need extra hydration—it’s thicker than the oil, so it works best layering it on top, but of course, use them individually if you don’t need the extra boost.

During my pregnancies, my secret trio to take care of my stretching skin was KORA body lotion, body oil, and body balm, in that order. Now I use the body oil daily, and when my skin needs something extra, I layer the super rich body balm on top (I travel with the balm, since it doesn’t spill in your bag). I do our self-tanner about once a week. The color comes from DHA (dihydroxyacetone), an ingredient naturally derived from sugar that darkens over time to produce a natural-looking bronzy finish. It was important to me that our lotion didn’t have that yucky after-smell that a lot of self-tanners have—it smells like lavender and gives your skin a natural glow.

Miranda Kerr

It depends on the day and what I have going on, but for the most part I dress to be comfortable. If I have meetings or interviews or am recording content, I’ll put on something extra-nice. I’m wearing less makeup right now and finding myself doing more gua sha face massages throughout the day. It feels so good and relaxing to massage and sculpt your face while you’re on a conference call!

I do usually put on a bit of makeup before a Zoom. Once I’ve smoothed on the Noni face oil, I apply a little RMS concealer, which blends right in. I dab our Rose Quartz Luminizer along the top of my brows and on my temples, cheekbones, and Cupid’s bow—it’s made with finely crushed rose quartz crystals, so it creates a beautiful highlight that catches the light perfectly on a Zoom. For lips, my favorite these days is Kosasport Lipfuel in Rush.

Taking breaks is part of the day, too. I’m still breastfeeding my year-old son Myles, so I schedule breaks around his feedings. I also take a couple of minutes to go outside, close my eyes, and feel the sunlight in the palms of my hands. It’s such a quick and simple way to reenergize.

After work, I love to take baths to help wind down. The goop Martini bath soak is so relaxing; I love aromatherapy. I like the Nurse soak when I feel like I’m starting to come down with something. Sometimes I place rose quartz crystals in the tub to energize the water with love and nurturing vibes, and I also love to play relaxing music, like Snatam Kaur, light a few candles, and burn palo santo.

Miranda Kerr

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