What the Most Impressive Physical Therapy Centers Have in Common

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Physical therapy is a non-invasive form of medical treatment. Physical therapists use various treatment options, including exercise and massage, to help patients manage their pain and increase their range of motion. Individuals with disabilities may receive physical therapy treatment to improve their balance and range of motion. People injured in accidents, or affected by severe health issues, such as a stroke, can also regain motor functions and reduce pain by receiving physical therapy.

Choosing a physical therapist can be challenging. To ensure the best results, patients want to find a physical therapy center that can provide the best treatment. Exceptional physical therapy centers share many common characteristics, including cutting edge technology and highly trained staff. When you’re developing your physical therapy center, integrating these features ensures your center is one of the most impressive facilities in your area.

Include aquatic therapy.


Water is buoyant. This means that when objects are put in water, the water pushes them up. Although some objects sink, water’s density exceeds a person’s density, which is why people can float. Your body receives some degree of physical support when it’s in water, which means you can move with less resistance and exercise in the water while reducing your risk of injury.

People with arthritis can move their limbs with less joint stress, which reduces their pain. Patients who are overweight benefit from aquatic therapy because their physical weight receives support. Water pressure also provides resistance, enabling them to benefit from water-based exercises without risking injuries by doing exercises outside a pool. Patients can increase their endurance by swimming in a ground pool. Aquatic therapy is also used to treat patients with bone fractures, chronic pain, and balance issues.

Suppose you’re planning to open a physical therapy center. Google something along the lines of “swimming pool builders in Tampa” or wherever you’re situated to locate expert swimming pool builders. A reputable pool company will work with you to develop the optimal pool design for your facility to ensure your pool meets your needs. You can opt to add a spa feature to your pool. Spas are smaller, heated pools that can be used to relax muscles and treat pain. You can also add a waterfall feature to your pool. The sound of flowing water is relaxing and can help calm patients.

Focus on technology.

Robotic exoskeletons are revolutionizing physical therapy treatments. Patients wearing exoskeletons receive physical support from the suit. Exoskeletons can take the pressure off their joints and muscles while they’re performing basic tasks, such as sitting or standing. Exoskeleton suits can even restore essential functions to people who are paralyzed.

Consequently, individuals who receive treatment with exoskeletons can exercise parts of their body that they may not be able to move without the exoskeleton. With an exoskeleton, patients can increase their range of motion and perform exercises to prevent muscle atrophy that would otherwise occur because of their physical limitations.

Research exoskeleton companies to find a company that creates suits that are optimal for your practice. Look for an exoskeleton company emphasizing healthcare applications to ensure you choose suits designed with physical therapy benefits in mind. You can choose suits designed to help people use their legs, and you can also invest in exoskeletons designed to help people with upper body movements. Securing a variety of exoskeletons will ensure you can treat patients with varying needs.

You can reap the benefits of technology by including virtual reality (VR) treatment at your center. VR headsets create an artificial reality that the person wearing the headset can interact with. Although VR is commonly associated with the video game industry, physical therapists can increase the range of activities and exercises their patients engage in without adding physical space to their facilities or purchasing a lot of equipment. Patients with several health issues, including cerebral palsy, chronic pain, autism, and spinal cord injuries, benefit from VR therapy.

You can also add locomats to your facility. Locomats are customized treadmills that contain robotic supports attached to the patient’s legs with a harness that supports the patient’s torso. Locomats also have handrails the patient can hold onto. These components provide physical support to ensure the patient can stand up and use the treadmill safely. The robotic supports are connected to the patient’s hip and knee joints and prompt them to move. The robotic components are synchronized with the treadmill to ensure patients move at the right speed. Patients benefit from strengthening their muscles and exercising their lower limbs without supporting their full body weight at the same time. Locomats offer safe, effective exercise options for people with a lower limb disability.

Invest in a strong staff team offering a variety of services.

Patients who need physical therapy have limited mobility or chronic pain. Attending appointments can be challenging, but you can simplify healthcare for your patients by diversifying your center’s services. You can partner with an occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist. Many individuals who need physical therapy also need to see these medical professionals. For example, after suffering a stroke, a patient may need to rebuild muscles in their limbs, mouth, and fingers.

Physical therapists address gross motor functions, while occupational therapists help patients regain their ability to perform routine tasks, such as buttoning their shirts. A person who’s had a stroke may also need to work with a speech-language pathologist to regain their ability to speak clearly. Providing a range of medical services in one location will appeal to clients who can book appointments together and reduce their traveling time.

Pay attention to the details.


Invest in an advanced water filtration system so you can offer your patients quality drinking water. Filtered water is safer than tap water and tastes better. Install handrails along hallways, and make sure you use non-slip mats and flooring to prevent accidents. Have plenty of parking for disabled patients and wheelchair accessible doors. You can appeal to patients and set your center apart by investing in features that ensure the comfort, health, and safety of the people you’re treating.

The most impressive physical therapy centers partner with other medical professionals to ensure patients can receive related treatments on site. Cutting edge physical therapy centers embrace technology to offer the latest treatment options to their patients while also offering effective traditional treatments, such as aquatic therapy.

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