An Epic Banchan Spread, Hard Kombucha, and Puffy-Jacket Season: What goop Staffers Are Talking about This Month

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An Epic Banchan Spread, Hard Kombucha, and Puffy-Jacket Season: What goop Staffers Are Talking about This Month

In partnership with our friends at Flying Embers

At goop, we’re always looking for perfect gifts to buy, great places to eat, and under-the-radar brands to shop. So
when it comes to what’s new or the cool and obscure, we often turn to our coworkers for their advice and brilliant
recommendations. Each month, we share the fifteen best things the goop team is currently obsessing over, including
the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, and the voices we’re listening to.

  1. 1


    “Some of the only positive things to come out of 2020, for me, involved an embrace of low-ABV
    hard seltzers and also a surprising but deserved watermelon renaissance. So I was thrilled to try Flying
    Embers, which crafts both hard seltzers and hard kombuchas in the watermelon variety (along with an impressive
    array of compelling flavor combinations). I’m usually suspicious of any packaged product that advertises that
    it’s ‘keto-friendly’ because through informal anecdotal research I have found that typically corresponds with
    it tasting bad. But these are the rare exception: They taste, perhaps dangerously, incredible. Beyond the
    immediate lovely somatic effect of a light buzz, there are other details to feel good about: They’re made with
    organic ingredients, adaptogens, and botanicals, and most importantly, the brand donates a portion of every
    purchase to firefighters and first responders.” —Jessie Geoffray, senior editor

    Flying Embers, 12-pack for $30

  2. 2


    “I had no idea what to expect going into my one-on-one creative coaching session with AllSwell
    founder Laura Rubin. In these sessions, Laura guides creatives who may feel stuck in a project or
    through their process to help them move toward a goal. My goal was to build a practice that would
    bring a bit of creativity into my daily life without the pressure to be perfect that comes up for me in
    creative pursuits. Laura asked thoughtful questions about my life and my upbringing and ultimately recommended
    a daily journaling practice. I’ve always been oddly intimidated by journaling, but Laura helped reframe the
    process and give me some great insights into the benefits of putting pen to paper. No matter where you are in
    your creative journey, I would highly recommend spending some time with this warm, generous creative guide.”
    —Ivy Benavente, senior buyer, beauty and wellness

    AllSwell, $175 a session;

    goop, $23

  3. 3


    “Don’t judge, but 2020 was a year of big changes for me: I got rid of the ten-piece cookware set
    that I’d gotten as a high school graduation gift. It was after a disastrous attempt at chef Ludo Lefebvre’s French
    omelet that I knew my dingy college pans had to go. There are so many cookware options, but when I discovered
    Made In’s copper cookware set, I was sold by the simplicity and craftsmanship. Copper pans are classic, and
    chefs favor them because they’re long-lasting (they age beautifully) and they distribute heat evenly, whether
    you’re simmering coq au vin or scrambling eggs. The French-crafted six-piece set from Made In is stunning on
    my pot rack, and they’re a joy to cook with. On the first night of owning them, I pan-fried a whole fish and
    made a creamy béchamel sauce for potatoes, and I’m dreaming of the day I can host a dinner party to show off
    these pans.” —Samantha Saiyavongsa, associate editor

    Made in Cookware, $1,199

  4. 4


    “These days, leggings do a lot more than they used to—from living room workouts to walks around
    the block to, if I’m being honest, my work uniform—which is why I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair.
    Vuori checks all the boxes. The Daily Leggings are buttery smooth, have a high drawstring waist to keep them
    up for downward dogs and burpees, and are plenty comfy to lounge in. Equally important is Vuori’s strong
    stance on sustainability and its code of conduct, which commits to ethical manufacturing. You’ll want the
    matching sports bra to complete the set (if you’re like me, go for the spice shade to embrace the season).
    Vuori’s Active Club is offering free daily live classes through Instagram, so all the more reason to get
    moving and kick-start your New Year’s resolution. Pro tip: Don’t miss Remy Kam on Mondays for All Abs to start
    every week strong.” —Emma Elliott, graphic designer

    Vuori, $84

  5. 5


    “Whether you’re into puffer vests, glossy puffers, iridescent puffers, metallic puffers, matte
    puffers, cropped puffers, mega puffers, little puffers, or packable puffers—surely you’re into at least one of
    them—Aritzia has you covered for however and wherever you puff. The point is you can customize the puffer of
    your dreams and needs. I’m home in Canada and opted for the Super Puff in oat beige to keep me warm and
    toasty.” —Sandra Slusarczyk, associate fashion editor

    Aritzia, from $198

  6. 6


    “Marfa is well-known as a minimalist art utopia, but it’s also a hub of mouth-watering
    food. From burritos cooked in Ramona’s kitchen to culinary sensations who’ve decamped from New York, much of
    the town’s real magic lies in its cuisine. Since a trip to far-west Texas won’t be happening any time soon,
    I’m comforting myself with the next best thing, Cooking in Marfa: Welcome, We’ve Been Expecting You, a cookbook of delectable
    favorites from The Capri, one of the town’s mainstays. With dreamy photographs shot by goop favorite Douglas
    Friedman, it’s escapism at its finest.” —Noora Raj Brown, SVP, communications and brand marketing

    Bookshop, $46

  7. 7


    “Lately, audio has been my favorite way to consume content. It allows me to learn while
    multitasking and trying to keep up with the day-to-day. A friend of mine shared this awesome platform called
    Knowable, which is like Spotify for learning. There’s a library of original, expert-led audio courses on all
    kinds of topics, like how to eat now with Mark Bittman, how to speak confidently with journalist Celeste
    Headlee, and how to launch a start-up with the founder of Reddit. I love that I’m learning something while I’m
    driving or out on a walk.” —Jacqueline Weitzen, senior director, communications

    KNOWABLE, $48

  8. 8


    “While my son is enrolled in distance learning, our mornings are little less hectic without the
    daily mad dash to school. A silver lining of the quarantine: squeezing in an online yoga class before starting
    work. I love Kate
    ’s livestream sessions. In addition to vinyasa classes, she has free guided meditations. It’s
    the best way to start the day.” —Wendy Lauria, SVP of brand partnerships

    from $13 a class

  9. 9


    “I have two powerful ways to reduce holiday kitchen stress: 1) If anybody has opinions on how a
    particular dish should be cooked or taste, they make the dish, and 2) get this six-pack of incredibly
    delicious, inventive, healthy sauces from Haven’s Kitchen for all the meals that are not the main event.
    They give any vegetable, protein, or starch instant ta-da status; they do the same for even the most
    familiar leftover. You could roast some cauliflower in the Golden Turmeric Tahini, for instance, and serve
    it over rice (add a few pistachios and pomegranate seeds for full-on fabulousness), drown some leftover
    turkey in the Nutty Lemongrass or the Red Pepper Romesco, or—this is my favorite thing—use one or several to
    dot or smear on a dish before it goes out, à la every vaguely chic restaurant ever. A few dots of Zippy
    Chili Harissa over here, a little mound of Herby Chimichurri over there, and your grilled mushroom just
    got fancy. The six-pack is also the best gift ever—just let the person know they have to unwrap and
    refrigerate immediately.” —Jean Godfrey-June, executive beauty director

    Haven’s Kitchen, $69

  10. 10


    “This past year has felt like emotional whiplash, with a little bit of sadness thrown in for good
    measure. Through some divine intervention, I met Katy Meade-King, a professional medium, energy healer, and
    intuitive development teacher. Katy helps clear energetic blockages and traumas, and she now practices
    digitally. If you think you can’t do energy work over Zoom, you’d be shocked: My twitching and shaking body
    during our ninety-minute session proves that it is indeed possible. Mostly though, Katy empowered me to think
    about the things that were blocking me from gaining the clarity I need to live my most beautiful,
    purpose-filled life by focusing on steps rather than the end goal. I left our session with affirmations to
    breathe into existence and a salient grounding exercise that helps me feel safe and stable.” —Diana Ryu, chief of staff

    Soul Spirit, from $134

  11. 11


    “This pullover coat has become my go-to. I never thought I would need something warm and cozy
    that I could wear outside for extended periods of time and also eat a meal in (socially distanced with family
    or friends, that is). The sleeves are just short enough and the fabric is just thin enough that I can eat and
    drink comfortably. I love the oversize blanket vibe.” —Ali Pew, fashion director

    Matchesfashion, $1,235

  12. 12


    “I got married on Lanai, a tiny Hawaiian island, and
    when it came time to celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we went back to, you guessed it: Lanai. It’s always
    been on my wanderlust list to see more of the state. The newly opened goop shop on the island of Hawaii at the Mauna
    Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection made the decision of which island to see next (once travel is safe again and
    restrictions are lifted) an easy one. Should a hotel gift shop influence where you choose to vacation? Even if
    it’s a gorgeous space full of relaxation-boosting beauty, wellness, and fashion goods? Probably not. But when
    that gift shop is a part of a luxurious, culture-rich resort with a world-class spa, five on-site restaurants,
    and a robust kids’ program, no one will question it!” —Kate Wolfson, VP of content


  13. 13


    “There are some outstanding books being published in early 2021. One preorder-worthy novel coming
    out on January 5 is The Push by Ashley Audrain. I finished it at 3:30 a.m., which I don’t recommend, but once
    you start in on this story, it becomes difficult to control yourself. The Push is about Blythe Connor, a woman
    who finds motherhood scary. Part of what unsettles Blythe is that her daughter Violet doesn’t behave the way
    most children do. But her husband, Fox, tells Blythe that she’s imagining things—everything is fine. Until
    it’s not, of course. This is a twisted, tight, and exhilarating drama. I need it to be January 5 so people can
    read The Push and I can discuss it with them. I have so many feelings.” —Kiki Koroshetz,
    wellness director

    Bookshop, $24

  14. 14


    “Supporting independent restaurants became a big priority for me when the pandemic hit, and I
    plan to keep that up in 2021. Taking a night off from cooking and ordering in dishes to help keep my favorite
    spots afloat feels like a win-win. I’ve even discovered some new gems to add to my takeout rotation—mostly
    notably the LA pop-up Perilla. Chef Jihee Kim started this banchan-focused concept in May and it’s already got
    quite a following. I pretty much ordered one of everything on the menu, and when I put the spread out on the
    table, my husband and I were floored. Everything was beautifully, meticulously, and thoughtfully put together.
    Ginger-soy-braised yam, fermented cucumber with pear, pickled shishito muchim, spicy bulgogi, and a glorious
    gimbap roll that was so good that my husband has brought it up at least once a week since: ‘Remember that
    gimbap? Can you learn to make that?’ ‘No,’ I tell him, ‘but why don’t we order from Perilla again tonight?’”
    —Caitlin O’Malley, food director


  15. 15


    “You know winter is officially here when it gets dark at approximately 4 p.m., you’ve cycled
    through every sweater you own, and the goop chews come out of hibernation. One easy resolution—among a long
    list of lofty goals that usually fizzle out by February—is keeping my immunity up. That includes ramping up
    the vitamin D (thanks for the rec, Gerda!),
    catching up on sleep, and doubling down on Perfect Attendance, which are chock-full of immune-happy
    elderberry. You can almost trick your brain into thinking that they’re candy because the blackberry-flavored
    chewiness tastes sooo good.”—Alyssa Nelsen Geiger, senior creative copywriter

    goop, $55

We hope you enjoy the products recommended here. Our goal is to suggest only things we love and think you
might, as well. We also like transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other
compensation if you purchase through the external links on this page.

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