How Home Maintenance Impacts Health

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Many homeowners don’t realize how much the way they take care of their house can affect their mental and physical health, even though it’s easier than ever to make quality-of-life improvements that can keep you safe and comfortable at home.

Addressing poor conditions at home doesn’t just help maintain the house’s value; it can meaningfully affect and improve the health of both children and adults living there. If you’re a homeowner looking for advice or find yourself curious about the connection between home maintenance and your health, read on to find out what types of home maintenance projects can have a real impact on your health and safety.

What home improvement projects can protect my health?


A high-quality HVAC system is essential for maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Given all that we know about COVID-19, proper ventilation and healthy airflow is great ways to reduce risks indoors. Airflow also helps reduce the presence of stagnant air and helps to clear unpleasant odors. Regulating the temperature of your environment also has a significant effect on your comfort level at home. Having an energy-efficient HVAC system also has the bonus effect of reducing your energy bills by helping to regulate your energy consumption. However, HVAC systems are only effective if they’re well-maintained. Experts recommend an inspection and filter change at least once yearly, and the entire system needs to be upgraded every 10-15 years. The lifespan of the system can depend a lot on how well it is taken care of.

The presence of pests and rodents can also create health and safety issues in the home, which is one of the reasons keeping your house clean is so important. Pests can also sneak in where your home has cracks or holes in the walls and flooring, so don’t procrastinate repairing any structural damage, especially when it allows access to the inside of the home from the exterior. Certain household pests can also carry and spread disease, so you want to stop the problem before it starts.

Keeping a house free from water damage can harm the foundation of the house and cause mold and mildew to appear, which can create all kinds of health problems for anyone exposed to them. Eliminating and protecting against water damage involves a few different things. First, you need to clean your gutters regularly. Don’t let water seep into your foundation or let a clog create a bigger problem for you down the road. If you’re unsure how to clean your gutters or you notice a problem, consider having an expert address it for you. Windows and doors should also be inspected for cracks and crevices, so water and air can’t leak in and out.

How do I keep up with home maintenance?


Certain home upgrades, like HVAC systems, are only effective if they’re well-maintained. Not only that, a lot of household fixtures and appliances are designed to be replaced or repaired after a certain period of time. Upgrades for your home are only as good as the condition they’re in, so try to find some easy ways to keep up with home maintenance that works for you.

Nowadays, our smartphones can save reminders for events that are years in the future, so there’s an excuse for not sitting down and making a schedule to keep your home maintenance priorities in order. Many homeowners like to have their home fully inspected at least once a year, even when they don’t have specific concerns, to identify any potential issues before they get worse and more expensive to resolve.

Home maintenance is one of the biggest challenges and responsibilities of being a homeowner, and as you can see, doing a poor job can affect more than just how your house looks. Your health and safety depend on living somewhere that offers reasonable and modern protections against threats like pests, natural disasters, weather, and the environment. While it’s impossible to manage and mitigate every risk, there’s a long list of home improvement projects you can invest time and money in that will help you create a space that is just as safe as it is aesthetically pleasing. There’s no smarter investment than one that protects things as important as your health and your home.

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