How to Take Care of Yourself and Stay Connected Amid COVID-19

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You’re being responsible and keeping your family safe during COVID-19. You’re staying home, keeping a social distance, and sanitizing everything in sight. But that doesn’t take away the natural human need to connect with other people, feel nourished, and stay active.

During social isolation, it’s understandable to feel cooped up, sluggish, or even lonely. Luckily, even in times like these, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy and feel connected.

Take Your Vitamins

Your body is composed of trillions of cells and it is imperative that you make sure that each of them is healthy, especially now. Companies such as Calerie have studied the biological processes that occur naturally in your body and create supplements that mimic, support and repair those cellular systems. Their natural ingredients combat NAD+ deficiencies which improves your metabolism and cell health as well as increased longevity and reduced aging.

All of us are going outside less and avoiding certain foods at the grocery store. This means that we are missing out on healthy vitamins from the sun and in our foods. A dietary supplement is a great way to make sure that our immune system is getting all the nourishment it needs.


The world can get loud, and crazy times like these are no exception. All the more reason to focus on being quiet within yourself and using self-isolation as an opportunity to practice meditation. There are many reasons to meditate but all of them can be summarized in a single sentence: It is crucial to your spiritual health.

Your inner self and your intuition are always speaking to you, but they speak in a quiet voice. It takes training and practice to hear what they are saying. This is where meditation comes in to play. By quieting the mind and focusing on your breathing you can start to shed away all of the stress and noise going on in the outside world and hear what your inner self is trying to tell you.

Don’t Skip Your Mommy’s Group

If you’re a mother, then COVID-19 might be disrupting your precious social time more than anybody else. Especially if you are part of a mother’s group. It’s understandable that you and all your fellow mama’s would want to protect each other and disband meetings for a while. But that doesn’t have to be the end of you Mommy Meetups.

There are amazing online communities such as Truly Mama. At Truly Mama, you’re connected with other mothers who give style advice, product reviews and guides for other pregnant women. It’s a great place to find new friends and stay connected to other mothers.

Get Moving

Staying still for too long isn’t healthy for the body or the mind. It’s important for your physical health as well as your sanity that you find ways to stay active and exercise at least a little each day. Even though you’re not going to the gym, there are still ways to stay active while staying at home.

If you hate working out and feel like you need a personal trainer to push you, then you can always find ways to turn your work out into a game. This can be anything from playing tag with the kids, or simply doing ten jumping jacks every time you take a drink of water. Nothing is off-limits so long as it gets your heart rate up and keeps you moving.

If you can make even a simple habit of working out for 20 minutes a day, you will notice an increase in mood, focus, and energy for the rest of the day.

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