What’s in a Pre-Roll?

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According to a Forbes report on cannabis trends that are hot in the industry, there is an emerging need for companies that manufacture pre-rolls and cannabis-infused products among users. More so, when you have had a long and anxious day, nothing beats a pre-rolled joint. The pleasure you derive for a finely rolled joint is incomparable to your own rolled ones—they’re easy to light, structurally stable to “puff, puff, pass” when you have company, and utterly enjoyable.

The cannabis analytics firm, Headset, in 2018, said that pre-rolled joints were the third-most-popular cannabis product with a growth in sales of 79 percent when compared to the previous years. This has resulted in many cannabis companies offering their connoisseurs’ ready-to-smoke joints in a rush to have a bigger market share. A deep dive into what pre-rolls are will give a clear picture of why their popularity has skyrocketed. It will also illuminate why they are preferred as a gateway into the world of marijuana and hemp.

What are pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are joints that are consumer-ready- to smoke. They are usually prepared by cannabis sellers, cannabis brands, or dispensaries. They are known to be pocket friendly and highly convenient because of their portable state. They save the user from the hassle of grinding, weighing, and rolling the cannabis, or hemp flowers into a joint, especially if you are now to the Marijuana world.

Many marijuana users attest that, indeed, they find pre-rolls easy to use. When you are looking for a comfortable and fun way to experience the awe of marijuana and hemp buds, then a pre-roll is just what you need. It doesn’t matter what you are used to, and a pre-roll is guaranteed to change your smoking experience.

The sheer fact that you can get ready-made blunts from the various marijuana outlets has made pre-rolls to gain popularity.

What’s in a pre-roll?


Pre-rolled joints are arguably a coveted convenience ever since the legalization of marijuana. But, knowing the contents of your pre-rolled joint is super-hard. If you don’t have a handle on the quality of buds you are smoking, the chances of you ending up with something you don’t like are very high.

Most marijuana and hemp vendors that offer cannabis and CBD pre-rolls use a varied mixture of plant materials like different strains, small broken off stems, and ground-up trim. The quality of cannabis and CBD hemp flowers and ultimately the pre-rolls are determined by the handling of the plant during harvesting.

Here are the constituents of your favorite pre-roll:

1. Cannabis Shake

These are remains of cannabis flowers, stems, and buds found at the bottom of a cannabis jar. Shakes are used to firm up pre-rolls. The quality of the shake is determined by the type of flower it is derived from, and this is what makes pre-rolls so cheap or expensive.

2. Terpenes

Terpenes are chemical compounds naturally produced by plants and give-off distinct scents. Some of the terpenes that are found in pre-rolls are:

  • Pinene
  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Beta-caryophyllene

A consumer who is well-versed with their favorite strain can identify it quickly. They have a medical advantage where they provide stress relief.

3. Sugar Babies

Connoisseurs of the cannabis plant know that sugar babies refer to the small-sized flower buds. Although tiny, they contain a higher potency level than the larger buds. They grow at the bottom of the plant and are easily identified by the intense aroma that they produce. A grinder breaks them down into finer particles for pre-rolls.

4. Solvent-less Rosin

Unlike the more traditional solvents used to process cannabis concentrates, Rosin is made using a solventless method. This process ensures that therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes are produced. Solvent-less Rosin is highly recommended as a pre-roll ingredient because of its organic and pure properties.

5. Nugs

Nugs are larger buds that require grounding for pre-rolls. Before being processed, they contain tiny stems and twigs, which are eliminated in the screening process. Poor quality pre-rolls usually have these stems and twigs in them. Perhaps the best way to maneuver the question about pre-roll content is to do your research beforehand.

You can engage your budtender about the quality and contents of your pre-roll before consumption.

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