Make sure to go for a ride on our exciting Midway at the Manitoba Summer Fair!!
Click here for a list of rides coming to the 2012 Fair. Check out the pics above!

Check out ride ticket & height requirements - http://namidwaytickets.com/qr/qr2012.pdf

Midway Safety

Safe & Fun Rules To Always Remember

In order get the most out of your Midway Experience there are important rules to ALWAYS follow to keep your experience SAFE and FUN!

Observe the ride in motion and all SIZE WIZE signs for height and riding restrictions to determine whether or not the ride is appropriate for you or a child in your care.

Read and Follow all the rules for each ride and instruct any children in your care on how to behave appropriately. Follow all instructions from the ride operator at all times. 

Be sure to remove any loose articles such as sunglasses, hats, phones, and jewelry that have the potential to fall off during the ride.


Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited on all amusement rides.

Remain seated and restrained and be sure to keep your arms, legs and head inside the ride at all times.

Use all safety equipment which the ride offers and remember to always listen to the ride operators' instruction.

When the ride is over, remain seated until you come to a complete stop and the ride operator instructs you to exit.

If you feel tired, stop riding or take a break. The rides are not as much fun if you are exhausted.

If you have any questions while visiting our midway about any of our attractions, please visit our onsite North American Midway Guest Relations or Offices.

Size Wize

For your safety, all rides at North American Midway Entertainment have height requirements.

Save time by measuring your child in advance at our Size Wize measuring charts located by ticket sales. After finding the correct measurement, look for the Size Wize signs posted at each ride to ensure safety and timely movement through the ride lines.