Thru The Farm Gate

Agriculture is Fun!

The whole family can learn about agriculture by going Thru the Farm Gate and into the Royal Farm Yard!


Thru the Farm Gate (located in the Curling Club)

As you make your way Thru the Farm Gate, you’ll be able to see live farm animals - a cow milking demonstration, beef cattle, pigs, chicken and eggs! You can see all the animals up close and learn about how important they are in our everyday lives.

Be sure to visit the Seed Centre and the Grain Bin to learn about cereal seeds, oil seeds and pulse seeds – what’s the difference? Do you know which of these seeds powers  the Jet Funny Car – stop by and ask the driver where his fuel comes from, and how fast the car goes! You can grind your own flour while you are there!

Don’t forget to drop by  The Stable…it’s a  new spot where you can learn all about horses!  Find out how tall you are, in horse measurements (hands), and even what horses wear on their feet.  (no, It’s NOT Adidas!)

A fantastic spot to get up close and personal with the cute and cuddly critters and some fantastic photo opportunities is the Royal Petting Zoo!


The Royal Farm Yard (located in the Kinsmen Arena)

Stepping into the Royal Farm Yard is just the beginning of your agricultural exploration!  This room contains the Learning Stage, where you can “rest ‘yer boots”  and watch demonstrations on all sorts of  fascinating topics…everything from Sheep Shearing to SuperDog training to Miniature Horses! Watch this space for a schedule soon. 

Also in the Royal Farm Yard is the Agtivity Zone where the little ones love to sort different kinds of seeds with the Seed Spiral, try out the pedal tractors and “milk a cow”. And Mom and Dad love the farmer Photoscapes and the rest/coloring area!

Head a little further down the trail and you can visit Cattle Country where you can learn about all the different breeds of cattle that are competing in the Cattle Show.

Be sure to stop by the Western College of Veterinary Medicine Booth and try your hand as a Veterinary Surgeon! You will be sure to see some new and different animals if you visit the display by the Rare Breeds.

Have you ever seen an ox? The Red Coats of the North West will be waiting for you in the Farm Yard with their horses as well as a Red River Cart and an OX! Learn all about how the settlers used their oxen when they came to Canada.

The Royal Farm Yard and Thru the Farm Gate are open to the public daily from 11AM – 8PM, so be sure to stop by both areas for a swell time!