6 Multifunctional Wellness Tools That Do More with Less

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6 Multifunctional Wellness Tools That Do More with Less

In partnership with our friends at Sakara Life

In our overwhelming age, there’s only so much time and attention to go around. That’s why some of our favorite wellness practices and products are the ones that do double or triple duty. Like: a multivitamin pack that covers all your bases, an acupressure set that can hit five points at once, and a health tracker that records…everything.


Each box of The Foundation comes with thirty individually portioned packets, which means they’re as convenient as a one-a-day multivitamin. But there’s a lot more going on here. Each contains six pills: There are two tablets that provide the nutrients of a classic multivitamin. Then there’s a mineral tablet of chelated magnesium and calcium, balanced to support healthy aging and preserve bone, joint, and nerve health. The omega-3 capsule is sourced not from fish but from marine algae, avoiding the negative environmental impacts of overfishing while supporting cognitive and cardiovascular health. The B-complex capsule has a boost of ashwagandha. And it’s all rounded out with a complete probiotic that contains eleven strains (a total 3 billion CFU), plus four digestive enzymes and a blend of prebiotics from alfalfa, papaya, and Indian gooseberry.

Take 20 percent off a box of The Foundation using promo code FOUNDATION20 until December 31, 2020.

  1. Sakara Life The Foundation

    Sakara Life
    The Foundation
    Sakara Life, $120/$105 with subscription



Oura is a health tracker you wear on your finger, but it measures much more than other devices. In addition to the basics (steps, sleep hours, activity minutes), it records body temperature, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and respiratory rate. The additional data—and the accuracy of it—make all the difference: Oura picks up on your body’s signals and your daily habits to let you know how ready you are to perform at your best, and if there’s something you can work on, it’ll give you actionable insights through its companion app.

Unlike other trackers, it looks at your day in context of the past two weeks. Which means that when you take a day off from exercise or have a few drinks on a Saturday night, it won’t throw off your activity or sleep scores. It also has an in-app mindfulness program. And it can even track your temperature over time to tell you if your period is about to start or if you might be experiencing an unexpected fluctuation.

(You’ll want to get your size right: There’s a ring sizing kit for that.)

  1. Oura Ring

    Oura Ring
    goop, $299



In traditional Chinese medicine, the ears are considered a microcosm of the entire body. (The hands, feet, and face are as well.) So if you stimulate qi—the vital energy—in your ear, that moves it around through the rest of the body, too. That’s the foundational principle of auricular acupuncture, which has its roots in Chinese tradition and was further developed by a French neurologist in the 1950s. You can experience this healing tradition at home—without needles, promise—using ear seeds.

With an ear-seeding kit, you use tweezers to place little gold beads attached to stickers onto the specific points of the ear that correspond with the body’s other systems, from digestion to stress management to physical areas like the lower back. Qi flows. It’s up to you which points you use at any given time. This set from WTHN comes with a guide to the ten most popular points acupuncturist Shari Auth uses in her practice, but you can also easily search for more online if there’s a particular purpose you have in mind.

  1. WTHN Ear Seeding Kit

    Ear Seeding Kit
    goop, $45



Whether you’re working on your Kegels in pursuit of better sex, to preserve pelvic floor function, or to help your body recover after vaginal birth, an Elvie Trainer makes the practice something you want to stick to. Elvie is a Kegel device that works like a video game: You slip in the small, smooth pod as you would a tampon, fire up the companion app—it links to your device through Bluetooth—and track your progress through a five-minute exercise involving pelvic floor pulses, lifts, and holds. It’s actually pretty fun.

  1. Elvie Trainer

    Elvie Trainer
    goop, $199



You can do breathwork to find calm. Or to bubble up some midday energy. Or to emotionally wash away that one thought that’s been running through your mind all week. Andrew Smart’s Breathwork is a primer on how to use the breath to shift your energy, whether you’re down for a subtle change (try somatic breathing) or a seismic shift (go for Holotropic). It’s a quick read with easy-to-follow how-tos—no equipment required.

  1. Chronicle Books Breathwork

    Chronicle Books
    goop, $17



Massaging the muscles and fascia can help release tension and unblock places where you are physically stuck. So it’s intuitive that rolling it out—with a foam roller, a rolling pin, or whatever other tools you have around—can do wonders for tight hips and tech neck and achy shoulders. But let us tell you how good it can get: Jet lag relief. Easier sleep. More-satisfying sex. Total energetic release. We’ve built playlist of some of fascia expert Lauren Roxburgh’s best foam roller moves for all of the above. For those looking to add to their fascia-care collection, consider giving Roxburgh’s whole kit—complete with a Pilates ball, a teeny roller that feels especially good along your spine, and a pair of pebbled domes that are the key to an excellent solo scalp massage—a spin.

  1. OPTP LoRox Aligned Life Kit

    LoRox Aligned Life Kit
    goop, $66


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