Why Tooth Health Is So Important

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It’s easy to look at certain parts of our health and come to the conclusion that we can skip over managing it for the day because we’re too tired or too busy. However, for certain aspects of health like dental care, getting into the habit of ignoring our oral health can have detrimental consequences to our teeth and gums. If you value a healthy smile and are looking for additional incentives to stay on top of tooth health, here are a few key reasons why tooth health is so important and why you should place a greater emphasis on your day-to-day life!

1. Poor oral care can lead to major oral health problems like periodontitis.


Skipping a night of brushing here or there won’t do much damage. But when you skip brushing and flossing multiple times and ignore dental treatment, you start running the risk of developing gingivitis and periodontal disease. When you don’t brush frequently enough, a film of bacteria known as plaque can start to develop on your teeth and under your gums, hardening into tartar that causes gum irritation and inflammation. While gingivitis can be reversed at home with relative ease, it can also lead to a more dangerous problem known as periodontitis, where the tissue around your teeth begins receding and the bones that support your teeth are destroyed, causing tooth loss and other severe tooth health problems.

The good news? Paying more attention to your oral care routine and making regular dentist appointments can help you prevent gum disease from affecting you and requiring serious medical attention. But in today’s uncertain world of Covid-19 were getting to the dental office isn’t always a possibility, what do you do if you don’t want to physically see your regular dental team? Look for a mobile dentist that can provide you with dental services from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re starting to notice some of the gum irritation that comes with gingivitis or you simply want to stay on top of your already great oral hygiene, find mobile dentistry support you’re looking for now rather than later.

2. You won’t be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods if your dental needs aren’t met.

Issues like cavities, enamel loss, and other problems that come with poor oral care can make it hard for you to enjoy some of your favorite foods (which is just enough reason to help some reach for their toothbrush twice daily). For example, let’s imagine that you can’t live without seafood like wild-caught gulf shrimp and love to make shrimp dishes like ceviche. Depending on what you include in your dish (in this case, acidic juices from the lime), trying to enjoy the unique flavor profile of your shrimp products can cause pain to your mouth. If you want to enjoy all of your food, the best way is to take better care of your teeth!

3. Your smile can directly impact your self-confidence.


Besides the many overall health problems one can experience when they don’t take care of their teeth, it’s important to remember that poor oral hygiene can impact how one feels about ourselves as well. Let’s imagine that you’ve invested in some wonderful magnetic lashes with liner that boosts your makeup routine by making your false lashes easier to put on for daily wear, gives you the natural look you’ve been searching for as a lash lover, and helps you feel glam. If your smile takes away from the effort you’re putting into your lashes, it can be very discouraging. Much like you would with any other area of your health, do what you need to help your smile stay healthy and sparkling.

4. Taking care of your dental issues can be more expensive down the road.

Everything costs money. If you want to make sure that your oral health is taken care of, you will need to pay for regular cleanings and invest in high-quality tools that you can use at home. However, these expenses pale in comparison to what you will need to pay for if your tooth health is declining. Just some of the expensive dental work you may see if you don’t take great care of your teeth includes fillings for cavities, tooth extractions, dental crowns, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, root canals, and even dentures if the situation is bad enough. Remember that it can be far more of a hassle to get your teeth fixed by a dental hygienist than it is to take care of your teeth the first time around.

Generally, the importance of tooth health is something that’s clear to patients of all ages. However, some people may need a refresher on exactly what can happen when they ignore their tooth health. If you want to maintain your focus on keeping a healthy smile, use the guide above to remember why your tooth health is so important.

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