Best Practices for Marketing a Cannabis Product

It’s been nearly a decade since the first two states in the United States legalized marijuana for recreational use. Ever since then, the conversation around marijuana has changed dramatically, and the cannabis industry has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar business. Now is the ideal time to start your own cannabusiness and rake in some of […]

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Best Practices for Building New Clinics

The healthcare field is a huge industry. With all the specializations and areas where people can use medical help, it’s no wonder there are thousands of different clinics all across the country. And there continues to be room for more. If you work in the medical field and have a passion for helping people, perhaps […]

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How a Cloud Call Center Can Boost Efficiency at Your Healthcare Office

With the spread of the¬†COVID-19 pandemic, many medical facilities and health care providers have become overwhelmed with patients. Specifically, medical receptionists and administrative assistants have had an enormous influx of new patients, in addition to existing patients that are still receiving ongoing medical care. As a healthcare facility owner or healthcare provider, you’ll want the […]

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