How a Cloud Call Center Can Boost Efficiency at Your Healthcare Office

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With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many medical facilities and health care providers have become overwhelmed with patients. Specifically, medical receptionists and administrative assistants have had an enormous influx of new patients, in addition to existing patients that are still receiving ongoing medical care. As a healthcare facility owner or healthcare provider, you’ll want the administrative side of your business to run as smoothly as possible. With these software integrations and resources, you can streamline the administrative operations of your company and help improve the customer experience.

The Convenience of Call Center Software


Integrating a cloud-based contact center into your business operations has been proven to alleviate the pressure and overwhelming workload for administrative teams. It’s also proven to be effective in improving customer experience and satisfaction. Bright Pattern offers enterprise contact center software that is unmatched by other Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, and they are revolutionizing the way software is used to enhance customer interactions. These software integrations are offering new opportunities to your team and patients. With the help of contact center technology, the secretarial duties of your administrative team are greatly reduced and your medical secretaries have more time to spend with each individual patient during business hours.


The most important benefit that a cloud contact center can bring to your medical facility is the unlimited access it offers to your customers. The supportive functions of contact center technology provide your customers with an open channel of communication that is available at any time. Whether it’s after business hours, or you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your office equipment, Bright Pattern’s cloud infrastructure ensures there will be no lapse in customer service. Bright Pattern’s contact center software and computer applications include functions such as intelligent routing, appointment setting, transcription, and dictation. The software can even answer telephones and direct calls to the right agent during business hours. Bright Pattern not only helps to lessen the workload for your medical receptionists, but it also frees up time for supervisors and other medical professionals at your facility. When everyone on your team has more time in their workday and your customers have open access to the support they need, you will see great improvements in your team’s morale and customer experiences.

Employ Highly Trained Medical Secretaries

Working in a medical environment isn’t easy. As a receptionist, you must have good verbal communication skills and a working knowledge of medical terminology. As a medical receptionist in either a specific doctor’s office or a shared medical office, you must work quickly and efficiently, and this takes time and skill. ASPIRA City College offers an in-depth medical secretary program that prepares individuals for an occupation in the healthcare industry as a medical administrative assistant. They teach their students essential skills for becoming a medical secretary and offer them the ability to sit for all the major medical administrative assistant exams in order to receive crucial certifications within the healthcare industry.


The job title of the medical secretary comes with many responsibilities. It takes willingness, passion, and integrity in order to flourish as a medical office specialist. On any given day as a medical receptionist, you’re expected to handle financial statements, file patient records, answer phone calls, schedule appointments, bill patients, work with medical software, recall case histories, and follow HIPAA guidelines for patient information. Employers of medical secretaries know how crucial their role is to the business and customer satisfaction. The healthcare field wouldn’t be able to operate or help as many patients as it does without the hard work of medical secretaries. ASPIRA City College is dedicated to educating prospective medical secretaries and prepare them for work in the healthcare industry.

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